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There’s not a week that goes by when I’m not asked about the many EMF protection scams for sale.

“Which plug-in harmonizer should I buy”…

“Is the sticker on my phone protecting me?”.

As an electromagnetic radiation specialist trained in electromagnetics and EMR mitigation, every time I’m asked these questions, I feel deeply disappointed.

Why? Well, to understand the complete picture, it requires a bit of explaining. It also goes against a complete fantasy most have in their heads.

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Just plug it in, problem solved

So what do you want…? You want the ‘one product‘ to solve all your EMF concerns’ – right?. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it simply does not exist.

There is something you can do though, and I’ll tell you in a bit.

Let’s just stop and think for a moment… We’re dealing with physics and radiation traveling at almost the speed of light. So how is a hologram sticker on your phone going to protect you? It’s going to have to defy the laws of physics – that’s how.

With even the most basic knowledge in science and physics, the red flags for many of these EMF scams start popping up – and FAST

Still, millions of dollars are siphoned off each and every year from naive consumers simply believing the claims of those promoting such products.

I need to make this very clear. If someone claims to sell a ‘physical product’ that protects you from all EMFs – they are absolutely LYING to you.

That’s unless they’re selling you a black hole. In which case, EMFs cannot escape – but neither would you!

These EMF scam products are extremely successful at robbing people of their money (and health) because:

  1. They know you desire a quick fix. A ‘miracle solution’ that you simply plug in, wear or stick-on your devices and all your problems are solved – a complete fantasy.
  2. They’re betting on that fact that you know very little about how physics and electromagnetic fields actually work.
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How they work is a secret, sorry!

Most of these EMF scams are being sold under one shady claim: That the product re-tunes harmful frequencies into coherent energy that no longer does damage to your DNA.

This is the common story that’s repeated, often interchanged with sci-ency sounding buzzwords such as ‘scaler energy’ and ‘resonance technology’.

What is the process by which the product re-harmonises noxious EMFs? They won’t tell you because they don’t know. And what about the attenuation factor? Again, they can’t tell you because they attenuate at zero dB = absolutely nothing.

There’s never any technical data on how this is achieved or any legitimate peer reviewed studies backing anything up.

Often, to convince their next target, there’ll be links to studies that are complete shams. These studies are typically conducted by the same person or from organisations containing words such as ‘Quantum’ and ‘Energy Medicine’.

They know that it will only be the 5% who actually read the studies. And if you do, you’ll discover that they are nothing but clever marketing tools to convince the naive. Most read like a grade 6 science project and are only a few pages long.

Want to know the real nail in the coffin…?

No reduction in radiation

These EMF protection scams do not reduce your exposure to EMFs in any way. The radiation is still hitting and penetrating your body. The damage is still being done.

I’ve tested countless products using some of the most advanced electromagnetic radiation detection equipment available. This includes the HFW59D, HF59B, NFA1000, body voltage and DE meters.

Orgone (orgonite), shungite, crystals, plug-in harmonizers, energy domes, energy pendants, protection stickers – all do absolutely nothing to reduce any of the 4 EMFs of concern.

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This is no different to a health supplement claiming to ‘protect you from cigarette smoke’. Don’t worry, “just keep breathing the smoke in, and you’ll be fine because you’re taking our supplement…”.

Exactly what the creators of these EMF scams are proposing.

So what would you rather? To remove the smoke completely (ie the cigarettes) or something to keep you breathing the toxic smoke in and telling you “don’t worry it’s eliminating all harm”.

“You can trust us…”.

Furthermore, when the claim is made of “protecting you from EMFs”. They are implying to protect you from all of them… Radio frequency radiation, high frequency voltage transients, AC electric fields and AC magnetic fields.

This is laughable for anyone qualified in the field, and are absolute lies.

Elevate Your Well-Being with Cracking the EMF Code: Your Key to Revealing the Invisible EMF Threat


Hey!! Don’t look inside!!

Now for the real test! What is this incredible physics-defying technology being used?

Do they generate a black hole?!

Well, there’s only one way to find out – let’s open these scam products up!

With many of these so-called EMF scams costing a hefty sum. Yes, I’ve seen some costing as high as $4,000! The last thing the manufacturer expects – is for you to open it up and ruin its super-powers, right?

Well that’s just what a bunch of people have done.

Let’s have a look at what they found…

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Here’s two different wall plug ins, the first with a ceramic epoxy and well… nothing else. The second has nothing but some ‘magical clay inside’.

This is what one customer had to say:

“So with this thing in hand, I wanted to see the amazing technology that negates physics; to discern what the learned scholars (who no doubt would earn a Nobel Prize for their efforts) discovered! The answer: goop.

Yup. The physics-defying technology involved appears to be little more than a dollop of cheap ceramic epoxy crammed over the ends of a $0.58 outlet plug!”

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And here’s another – the popular ‘Blushield’, with nothing but some radiation busting LED lights inside. Groundbreaking technology right there folks!

I guess they thought at the extortion price they’re selling these for, that no one would dare open it up to see what’s inside!

Here’s what an electrical engineer had to say:

“I’m an electrical engineer with a PhD and over 30 years of R&D experience with RF, analog, and digital circuitry and decades of design experience on a variety of products. A friend of mine had purchased one of these devices and said he felt like it might be helping him. Being highly skeptical of the whole premise advertised by the manufacturer, I asked him if I could open it to examine the insides and he obliged me.

Upon opening, it was immediately obvious that there is nothing contained in these units that will do anything more than blink the LEDs. Once I explained that to my friend, it wasn’t long before he admitted it was doing nothing for him. But he said he was embarrassed for paying all that money and had been trying to convince himself that it actually worked.

As another commenter said, the people selling these EMF protection scams should be ashamed of themselves. As P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute” and these people are cashing in.”

Endangering peoples lives

Reality is, these products are assisting in destroying peoples health by giving them a false sense of security. Those being exposed to high levels of EMR could now think they’re completely safe.

This is extremely dangerous and the people selling these products should be held responsible for the damage they’re doing.

I’ve been contacted by several people trying to bring those involved in selling such EMF scams to justice. Take a look at what one of them had to say:

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How to avoid EMF scams

What can you do to avoid the EMF protection scams being sold?

  1. Avoid any protection device that plugs directly into a power outlet. The only exception is dirty electricity filters (Greenwave etc.) – these are legitimate for reducing high frequency voltage transients riding along your homes wiring.
  2. Avoid pendants, bracelets and jewelry items. They do not ‘harmonize’ EMFs.
  3. Avoid orgone, domes, rocks and crystals (shungite etc.). There is no magical shield these generate. Nice to look at and possibly wear but not for any sort of protection.
  4. Hologram stickers cannot and do not provide any protection – avoid!
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So what works then!?

Now for the good news! There are solutions to almost every EMF related problem we face. If there’s anything to take away from this guide…

The solution is never found in one magical physics-defying plastic dongle, pyramid or pendant.

Protecting yourself from EMFs requires a multifaceted approach which includes many different mitigation strategies and techniques. All depending on the type of electromagnetic field we’re dealing with, the exposure level and what it’s coming from.

As a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist, first I take a look at your environment, home and habits. Then I put together a step-by-step EMF Protection Plan that’s unique to your living environment. Follow this, and you’ll be protected from all four EMFs of concern – with exposure reductions as high as 99.99%!

Best yet, unlike the scam protections we’ve discussed – the results can be tested and verified using any electromagnetic field meter.

And that’s the ultimate test.

Here in Australia, we’ve transformed hundreds of homes into harmonious low-EMF living spaces. Also completed are multiple low-EMF homes designed by us from the ground up!

When it comes to EMFs, a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist will look at everything from the power lines outside your home, to nearby radar systems, cell towers, lighting, solar – even your water pipes!

In fact, there’s 75+ checks we complete as part of the EMF Protection Protocol™.

As of Dec 2021, the EMF Protection Protocol is now available world-wide. So no matter where you’re located, we’re able to assess and advise you remotely using our revolutionary new protocol system.

This is the world’s only expert designed protocol that puts a stop to your exposures from all 4 hazardous EMFs of concern.

The Ultimate EMF Protection Protocol™ Designed by Experts

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About the Author
Matt Cossey is a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia. He’s helped protect thousands world-wide from non-native EMFs.

This article was originally posted on 12/12/19. It has been updated and expanded in May 2024 – wow time flies!

EMF Protection Scams: Exposed by an Expert | Biome Living (2024)
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