EMF Protection for Your Home: A Blushield Review (2024)

EMF Protection for Your Home: A Blushield Review (1)

Last year I had the opportunity to play a game I call “Woo or True” witha clinician who completed theGlobal Clinical Research Scholar program atHarvard Medical School. Basically, I rattled off a bunch of different wellness modalities, then he shared his thoughts on whether they’re legitimate or unlikely to be helpful.

Over the years I’ve played this conversation game with a molecular geneticist, a Yale-trained physician, and many other experts. I always learn something new . . . often about a modality I’ve never even heard of.

This time, toward the end of the conversation we got onto the subject of EMFs, and the research scholar recommendedBlushieldto me.

Unlike EMF-blocking technologies like phone cases (which I still use and recommend), Blushield is an active system that uses resonant frequencies to essentially overpower the “noise” created by man-made EMFs.

We’ll dive into the research on Blushield, how it works and more in this article, but first let’s dive into what we know about EMFs so far . . .

What are EMFs?

When most of us talk about electromagnetic fields (EMFs), we’re usually referring to the man-made frequencies commonly referred to as “electrosmog” – transmissions from radio waves, wifi, cell phones and cell towers, radar, satellites, GPS, bluetooth devices and more.

However, there are naturally occuring EMFs, too. Every cell and organ in our bodies produces its own electromagnetic field, and the earth also generates a wide range of EMFs. (1)

Now here’s where things get interesting: The helix structure of our DNA allows it to function as a fractal antenna, which means it can pick up external EMFs. (2)(3)

As Dr. Martin Blank, who holds PhDs in physical chemistry and colloid science from Columbia University and The University of Cambridge, explains it:

By definition, a fractal antenna can pick up and react to a wide range of frequencies of EMF, which means that many frequencies of EMF in the environment can and do react with your DNA.”(4)

Some experts believe that the earth’s naturally occurring electromagnetic fields – often called native EMFs – are as vital to our well-being as good nutrition,sunlight,sleep, movement, and other essentials for health.

For example, the primary frequency Schumann resonance, which NASA refers to it as our “atmospheric heartbeat,” is 7.83 hz. (5) You may recognize it as one of the alpha/theta brainwave “flow state” frequences (a brainwave that’s associated with calm focus and productivity).

The fact that one of our optimal brainwave states is the same as the Schumann resonance is probably not a coincidence. Our bodies can sync up to all kinds of external stimuli –including the heart rate of a loved one– through a process calledentrainment.

On a biological level, research shows that the EMF frequencies our cells and organs create can be entrained to follow external EMFs of the same frequencies. (6) This type of entrainment is called harmonic resonance.

Beneficial EMFs & Harmonic Resonance

Through harmonic resonance, certain EMFs positively influence cellular function, brainwave patterns, and more. For example, our cells are like tesla batteries, and many naturally occurring EMF frequencies increase the motion of ions and electrolytes that support the production of our main energy carrying molecule – adenosine triphosphate (ATP). (1)

In other words, native EMFs help us recharge on a cellular level. (7) (1)

Unfortunately due to:

. . . most of us are getting far less exposure to these beneficial frequencies than ever before in history. That’s one of the many reasons it’s so important to spend as much time in nature as possible. Many people, including me, also use therapeutic pulsed EMF (PEMF) devices which mimic native frequencies.

Before we dive into the next section, it’s important to mention that not all native EMFs are considered universally beneficial. For example, part of the sun’s spectrum (visible light and red light) is considered therapeutic, but excessive exposure to solar radiation via high-frequency ultraviolet (UV) light can cause sunburn and other types of damage.

In general, though, our bodies seem primed to thrive in the earth’s electromagnetic environment, but the same cannot be said of our ability to adapt to the ever-increasing barrage of man-made EMFs from cell phones, wifi, smart meters and more.

EMF Protection for Your Home: A Blushield Review (2)

Negative Health Effects of Man-Made EMFs

Current EMF safety guidelines only focus on limiting the thermal effects of man-made EMFs, because when they were created it was assumed that non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation had no other effects.

Unfortunately, a growing body of research suggests that non-ionizing EMFs create non-thermal effects that can profoundly disrupt our biology.

According to Dr. Martin Pall, who holds a bachelors degree in physics from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD in Biochemistry & Genetics from Caltech, EMFs can activate microscopic sensors on our cells called voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs), leading to distinct downstream biological effects including:

  • DNA breaks (both single strand and double strand)
  • Oxidative stress
  • Lowered fertility
  • Reduced production of steroid hormones including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone
  • Melatonindepletion leading to sleep problems
  • Neurological and neuropsychiatric problems
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Stress and anxiety (8)(9)(10)

His conclusions are far from alone – other researchers have warned about the biological effects of EMF-induced voltage-gated calcium channel dysfunction. (11)

More generally, this report from Harvard University’s Center for Ethics says there is a “troubling body of evidence” that EMFs can cause a wide range of negative health effects.

How Blushield Works

My husband and I take steps to limit our family’s exposure to EMFs whenever possible. For example, we don’t have wifi (we use hardwired ethernet cables), we put our phones in airplane mode when we’re not using them, and we use shielding cases when we do.

However, we are surrounded by homes that do have wifi, and there are other sources of EMF exposure within our home. That’s why last year I bought a Blushield Phi Series Φ3.

Instead of blocking EMFs, Blushield is an active system that creates “coherent frequencies within the human responsive range, based on nature-mimicking mathematical algorithms.”

When coherent frequencies are available alongside the chaotic ones produced by many non-native EMFs, Blushield says our bodies will preferentially tune into the coherent ones. In other words, the broad spectrum of EMF frequencies in our environment are like channels on a tv – they’re all broadcasting simultaneously, but some channels are static-filled and chaotic and some are peaceful and coherent.

All the frequencies are still there, but through the process of entrainment our bodies seem to preferentially “tune in” to coherent frequencies when given the option.

Blushield Research

Blushield has conducted a couple of small studies with animals, plus a couple of case studies with human volunteers. While animal research may not seem as valuable as human studies, I like them because animals don’t know they’re being studied and therefore any benefit shown can’t be the result of a placebo effect.

Here’s an overview of the animal research they’ve done:

Poultry Farm 1 Year Study – In this study, a farm with two automated hen houses installed Blushield in one house and left the other one as a control. Several interesting things happened. First, the farmer noted that the Blushield hen house was much quieter than the control house, which is an indication of reduced stress.

After a year, egg production in the Blushield house was 10% higher than the control, and the rate of mortality had dropped from roughly 100 chicken per month to an average of 17. The eggs from the Blushield house were also larger than the control house.

Somatic Cell Count Testing In Dairy Cows – In this study, the presence of somatic cells (white blood cells) in a herd of dairy cows were measured both when Blushield was installed in the barn and when it wasn’t. The presence of some somatic cells is normal, but they increase significantly in the presence of stressors like injury or disease. That’s why they’re actively monitored by dairy processing plants – to catch potential issues before they enter the food supply. (12)

When the Blushield was not installed in the barn, the highest somatic cell count was 420 and the average was 360. With Blushield, the lowest reading was 120 and the average was 140.

Click here to see all of Blushield’s research.

EMF Protection for Your Home: A Blushield Review (3)

My Family’s Experience

Many years ago, when we had wifi in our home, my husband and I had a routine of turning it off every night before before bed. Research shows that EMF exposure disrupts sleep by influencing melatonin levels, so it was an easy way to reduce our overall exposure while improving sleep quality. (13)

After awhile, we noticed that we both felt more refreshed in the morning, but there were a few mornings when my husband would walk into the kitchen, look at me with a miserable face, and say “Did you forget to turn the wifi off?”

Without fail, I’d walk over to the router and realize that, yep, I’d accidentally left it on. I didn’t know at the the time that I could plug the router into a timer so that it would turn of automatically, which is what I recommend for wifi-enabled homes.

Anyway, back to the story: It turns out he’s very sensitive to certain EMFs and can feel the effects of them within a few hours, while it takes me days or weeks to notice.

When we got our Blushield Phi Series Φ3, he described the atmosphere of our home as “more relaxing” almost immediately. I didn’t notice anything significant, but a few weeks later we traveled to Nashville and stayed in a condo that was wifi-enabled. Normally within a few days of wifi exposure – especially if we don’t have the option to turn it off at night – I will start to feel excessively tired and and cranky.

This time, though, we brought the Blushield with us and I slept deeply the whole time we were there. Of course, there’s always the possibility of a placebo effect, which is why I value the above research alongside my personal experiences.

How To Save 10%

Blushield makes a wide variety of portable and home products for different living situations and needs. For a breakdown of each one and how to choose the option that is best for you, click here to check out their product guide.

If you decide to order, make sure to use code MP10 to save 10%.

Have a question about Blushield or EMFs? Let me know in the comments below!

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