Passive vs. Active EMF Protection (2024)

Passive vs. Active EMF Protection (1)

EMF is an acronym for electromagnetic field, which refers to an invisible field that’s created when the combination of electricity and magnetism radiates outward. This occurs in nature in a variety of ways, as a natural byproduct of charged particles interacting with the magnetic field of the Earth. A couple centuries ago, humans figured out how to produce electromagnetic fields and use them for a variety of practical purposes. If you want to find out more about EMFs and learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, check out our article that explains the subject in depth.

The electromagnetic fields that humans produce and utilize are very different in structure than EMFs that nature produces. Manmade EMFs are usually pulsed, repetitive, oscillating frequencies, which can have a totally different effect on biology than nature’s infinitely varied frequency patterns.

As humanity’s use of electronic and wireless devices has increased exponentially over the past few decades, many have wondered if the invisible emissions from these manmade devices are safe for our health. The result of this widespread concern has been a plethora of scientific studies. The majority of the independently-funded studies, and even a surprising percentage of cell phone industry and government funded studies, have shown that manmade electromagnetic fields from a variety of sources can indeed harm human bodies, as well as other living organisms. While the vastly wealthy telecommunications industries (and the government organizations who supposedly regulate them) try to ignore or downplay these studies, they do in fact exist and carry considerable weight.

If you want to delve more into the thousands of currently existing studies on the harms of EMFs, check out these articles we wrote previously on the subject:

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How Do We Protect Ourselves?

Now that we’ve established that manmade EMFs do harm living biology, what do we do now? How do we protect ourselves from an invisible element that seems to permeate every facet of our modern lives?

As awareness of this issue increases, and more people than ever before are taking responsibility for informing themselves of the potentially harmful side effects of this fairly new element of the human experience, potential EMF protection solutions are popping up right and left. It is wonderful that individuals and companies are creating and offering innovative solutions, so that hopefully we don’t have to sacrifice our health and well-being for this enticing modern opportunity of greatly increased digital connectivity.

We get many questions from people who are confused about all the options out there, wondering which ones are effective and which aren’t worth the hype, and how to get the biggest return on their investment in EMF protection.

We will break down the different types of EMF protection strategies and devices that are out there, so that you can more clearly understand which ones will be right for you, with your unique lifestyle and needs.

The Best Protection Is Minimizing Exposure

Before we even start discussing ways to mitigate the bodily damage caused by the EMFs you’re exposed to, it’s important to understand that the number one way to reduce harm from EMFs is to minimize your exposure to them. In our modern world, this is nearly impossible to do completely, and undesirable to do past a certain point. Almost none of us, even if you’re a huge lover of the wilderness, are going to go live there full time. Even if you somehow manage to do so, the new 5G satellites being launched into space at the current rate of hundreds per month are especially designed to provide service to rural and uninhabited areas.

Most of us need, and want, to live our lives and do our work in moderately to highly population dense areas, around other humans and human activity. We may choose this lifestyle because we enjoy it, or feel that we need to live this way due to our individual life circ*mstances. It may be a nice thought to live somewhere where there are zero cell towers within several miles of your home, but for most people this is unrealistic. It’s also unrealistic, and undesirable to most people, to never use a cell phone, computer, or drive a car. We shouldn’t have to give those things up to feel good and maintain our health.

That said, there are ways that you can moderately and sensibly reduce your exposure, even without compromising essential or enjoyable aspects of your lifestyle. Here are a few easy and smart ways to reduce exposure that will go a long way in decreasing the stress of EMFs, when cultivated as habits:

  • Never talk with your phone held against your head, especially during long conversations. Instead, use the speakerphone setting, or an AirTube headset when you need to talk on your phone. If you’re making a quick call, even just holding your phone a couple inches further away from your head (so you can still hear the caller and talk into the microphone) will make a big difference in how much radiation is reaching your head.
  • Never carry your phone against your body, unless it’s on airplane mode or turned off. This means keep it out of your pocket or bra when it’s turned on and the signal is active. Airplane mode is your friend! If you’ve never used airplane mode, it’s worth learning how, and it’s an easily accessible setting on all modern phones. If you need to keep your phone on because you’re waiting for a call or text, at least make sure it’s further away from your body, such as on a table next to you, or kept at a safer distance from your body in your purse or bag.
    • Keep your phone out of your bedroom at night, and keep electronics away from your sleeping area. If your phone needs to be in your bedroom at night, keep it on airplane mode (you can still use the alarm) or at a safer distance from your sleeping area. You could even turn off or unplug electrical appliances in your bedroom before you go to sleep, or turn off the breaker that powers your bedroom outlets. Many people have found that these few changes improve their quality of sleep at night!
      • Turn off your Wifi at night or when you aren’t using it. Wifi is usually the closest range and most intense EMF exposure that many people have. If you can eliminate this one electromagnetic stressor more often, you may find that you feel much better.
          • Don’t use “Smart” devices in your home (within reason). This includes wireless doorbells, baby monitors, and “smart” appliances like Wifi enabled ovens, washers/dryers and beds. You may need to use these devices for certain reasons, but we recommend at least thoroughly assessing the use of each device and deciding if it’s worth the extra EMF exposure. If you have a “smart” meter as your electricity meter, contact your electric company and ask if they can replace it with an older digital or analog meter.

            Those are just a few suggestions that can immediately improve your quality of life, without compromising connectivity and only slightly decreasing convenience. With this approach, there will be trade-offs, and you will have to decide for yourself which exposures are worth tolerating, and which ones you truly don’t need.

            EMF Shielding & Blocking

            One popular approach to EMF protection is using shielding materials to block electromagnetic radiation. These items contain certain metals, often in a grid-like pattern, that absorb the measurable EMFs and don’t allow their passage beyond the material. They are commonly referred to as Faraday shields (or Faraday cages), named after Michael Faraday, who invented them in the 1800’s. Often, they will be simply called EMF shielding or blocking materials. They can be made of cloth (with metal strands weaved into the cloth), solid sheets of metal, or grid-like or cage-like structures.

            Often people will put these around their bed when they sleep, or wear clothing made of Faraday shielding cloth, hoping to block the EMFs from reaching their body.

            This approach can be marginally effective, with certain key limitations. Shielding will attenuate or fully block the conventionally measurable transverse component of the electromagnetic wave, which you can see if you use an EMF measuring device like a Trifield meter. Your cell phones and Wifi won’t work behind a Faraday cage, because the information they transmit is on a transverse carrier signal.

            The problem is that shielding will not block the longitudinal (scalar) component of the electromagnetic wave, which is estimated to be 5 times stronger in its biological effects than the transverse component! The EMF measuring devices available today are only designed to measure the transverse component of the EMF. Many people believe that if these devices can’t measure it, then it doesn’t exist.

            Every electromagnetic field contains both a transverse and longitudinal component, as theorized by James Clerk Maxwell and proven by Nikola Tesla, and many others since Tesla’s time. A transverse wave cannot exist without an accompanying longitudinal/scalar field, but the opposite is not true: a scalar field can exist without a transverse component, because the scalar field doesn’t depend on the transverse wave. This is what we call “pure scalar”, and is how Blushield devices work. This begins to get somewhat complicated, but to learn more about scalar energy, and longitudinal vs. transverse waves, read these two article we have written to explain the subject in depth:

            Scalar Energy and EMF – What You Need To Know
            Scalar Energy, Biology, and Consciousness

            Back to shielding, because of the above drawback it’s important to understand that relying too much on shielding as a primary EMF protection strategy can give a false sense of security. You may think you’re more protected than you are, because you are relying more on the numbers displayed on a meter than feedback from your body. This is understandable, since many people are not very sensitive to subtle energies, so may not trust their body’s signals.

            Another big downside to shielding is that in this world, you can’t live in a bubble. You can’t just block out harmful frequencies and exist in a vacuum. You still need to participate in life, and along with living comes exposure to many frequencies, including a variety of beneficial and harmful ones. Even if you have a fiber optic or copper internet connection, making it possible to use your computer internet inside your Faraday cage, most people can’t completely cut themselves off from the outside world, nor would they want to.

            If you currently use shielding products and have experienced benefits from them, we encourage you to continue using them in the limited way you can, but not to overly rely on them as a primary form of EMF protection. Here’s a more thorough explanation of the scalar component of the EMF, and why you can’t truly block EMFs:

            Can You Actually Block EMF?

            Passive EMF Protection

            The majority of EMF protection devices on the market could be considered “passive” devices. This means they don’t use electricity to amplify a signal, so are more subtle and inert aspects of your environment. These include various stickers, necklaces, pyramids and stones, as well as some larger devices.

            Some of these can have neat properties and do seem to exude some kind of beneficial energy. An example are certain types of rocks, like lodestones and shungite. We think these are interesting and worth having around if you like them, and they probably have some minor protective properties. However, there is no way that the energy these stones exude is enough to combat the extremely high levels of pervasive EMF we are exposed to in modern times. They cannot be considered a primary EMF protection strategy.

            The same goes for the many stickers and pendants on the market. Some are meant to stick on your phone and supposedly block the radiation from them, or “harmonize” the EMFs so they aren’t damaging your health. Once again, there is no way that a tiny sticker or inert necklace is going to be remotely strong enough to block or render harmless even a tiny bit of the currently obscene levels of EMFs around us. For the ones that claim to block EMFs, if they actually blocked the signal from your phone, you couldn’t make calls from your phone. Our personal experience with these, and those of everyone we know, is that these don’t work at all and are a waste of money.

            Pyramids are similar to the above mentioned rocks, in most cases. The pyramid shape naturally has properties that concentrate energy, and the materials the pyramids are made from often have some kind of subtle energetic properties. Many of them are made of a resinous combination of substances that is known as orgonite, and others are simple pyramids made from shungite or other stones. These can be pretty decorative pieces, and often exude some subtly beneficial energy, but most likely do very little to reduce the harm of EMF exposure.

            If you start looking into the higher price ranges, you will find some larger devices that are specifically designed for EMF protection, but could also be considered passive devices. They are all designed differently, some using copper coils, mineral solutions, and gemstones or precious metals. Some contain a liquid that releases free electrons, which are supposed to depolarize the EMFs and render them harmless to the body. They may have some positive effect, depending on the person, but once again, a device or contraption that’s passive (not powered) is going to be more subtle and less powerful, and is unlikely to be able to mostly or completely remove the bodily stress caused by EMFs.

            Active, Powered EMF Protection

            There are only a few devices on the market currently that utilize mains power or a battery to amplify a signal, to become a strong enough positive influence to match or exceed the negative influence of the manmade EMFs. From our research and experience, only powered devices are strong enough to truly negate the overwhelming levels of EMFs we are dealing with in modern times.

            Active devices either plug into a wall socket with a power cord, or run from a battery. Comparing the active EMF protection devices that are on the market, that’s about where the similarities end. The actual content of the broadcasted signal is vitally important. Active devices amplify a signal, but what type of information and frequencies are carried by this strong signal, and how does it work to protect your body from the EMFs in the environment? None of these devices remove the harmful EMFs from the environment, because if they did, your communications devices would no longer work. If they don’t remove or modify the EMFs, how do they help?

            Active devices can operate through various means. Some use copper coils (aka Tesla coils) to generate a scalar field. These can have some positive effects, but there are downsides to using copper coils. Read more about that in our article on the subject:

            Tesla Coils, Copper Toxicity, and Blushield’s Revolutionary Scalar Microprocessors

            Some other active devices use precious metals and gemstones along with lights that slowly release the gemstone particles into the surrounding environment. Other active devices generate what’s called a “noise field”, which is random inaudible noise that is meant to combine with the harmful EMFs to deactivate the part of their structure that causes harm, so hopefully they will impact your body in a less harmful way.

            Some EMF protection devices emit repetitive frequencies, including supposedly beneficial frequencies like the Schumann resonance, or Solfeggio frequencies. They will repeat one frequency, or one sequence of frequencies, over and over again. Some healing devices, like PEMF machines, will also do this to stimulate healing with a short term use. We don’t recommend exposing your body to repetitive frequencies for too long. You may see benefits at first, but over time, the body can develop a tolerance, resistance, or even an allergy to the repeated frequency. In terms of how it affects your body, the repetition of one frequency is like hitting the same button over and over again, exhausting the body in a certain way, while “under-stimulating” your body in other ways. Think of it like consuming too much of one nutrient or mineral, which eventually creates an imbalance and requires other nutrients to balance the body out.

            Repetitive frequencies are thought to be a large part of the harm from manmade EMF sources. The information from your cell phone and cell towers is transmitted on a carrier signal of a single frequency. This frequency, for example the 2.45 GHz from your Wifi router, is stimulating your body in a very specific way, 24/7. This is not natural, and we are not designed to deal with a constant barrage of repetitive frequencies, since they do not exist in nature.

            Not only is the repetitive aspect of the frequency and amplitude having a negative impact, these carrier signals (or information carrying radio waves) contain the information of the text or voice that is being sent, which is not coherent when it reaches the body. Energy fields in nature are coherent and beneficial to the body, so when the body is bombarded with chaotic signals, it goes on the defensive.

            Blushield Active EMF Protection – Amplifying Nature’s Native Frequencies

            We are surrounded by natural frequencies, and have been since the beginning of our existence. These frequencies of nature are infinitely varied, and nothing in nature will ever repeat in exactly the same way more than once, because everything in time and space is always moving and changing. We need these frequencies for our health.

            Sadly, most of us live in population dense cities with very little natural elements around us. We are around buildings, cars, and wireless communications devices all day, and our lives are sorely lacking in dense forests, waterfalls, the ocean and beach, and the freshly charged, negative ion rich air of high mountain environments. There is still the background Schumann resonance frequencies (which are actually changing and not a fixed frequency), but our manmade devices are so pervasive that these subtle background frequencies become mostly drowned out, as far as our bodies’ ability to sense them.

            The idea and purpose of Blushield is to mimic the frequencies nature emits, but to do it in an active, powered way, amplifying natural frequency patterns so our bodies can “hear” them over the manmade EMFs. As long as the Blushield device you are using is strong enough for your body to hear it over the combined total of repetitive manmade EMFs around you (which will be unique to your situation), your Blushield will emit the dominant signal in your environment, and your body will “hear” or “tune into” this signal and begin to resonate with it.

            This process of your body preferentially entraining to a dominant frequency stream that’s more biocompatible is called “sympathetic resonance”.

            This doesn’t mean the EMFs go away, just that your body stops paying attention to them and reacting to them. When the body notices the harmful EMFs, it treats these unfamiliar and repetitive frequency patterns like it would treat an actual physical invader (like a virus or bacteria), and mounts an immune response to them, in an effort to attack and defeat them. The problem is, there is nothing physical there to attack and defeat, so the body exhausts itself continuously trying.

            This immune system overreaction to repetitive frequencies is the primary reason that EMFs are harmful. If we had another frequency stream available to entrain to, one that was biologically coherent and similar to the way our bodies are designed, we would entrain to it like a tuning fork. Or like tuning into a different radio station. The other stations still exist, but we can’t hear them anymore, since we have turned the dial to a different station. What is interesting is that the biology demonstrates that the body is no longer negatively impacted by the EMF in the environment when Blushield is in operation and once the person is fully entrained. So it is not just ignoring the EMF, the body is actually harmonizing and optimizing its biofield, which is what a lot of these passive devices are claiming to do.

            Blushield is an active, powered device that utilizes cutting-edge microprocessor technology. The nature-based, infinitely varied multiple waveform algorithms are programmed into the microprocessor. This extremely complex pattern is sent through a circuit to light-emitting diodes (which can produce scalar fields through photon emission), which encode the waveform patterns onto a scalar carrier signal that radiates hundreds of feet outward in an invisible sphere.

            Because Blushield uses a scalar/longitudinal carrier signal, it is highly bioactive. The encoded frequency algorithm emits multiple waveforms at the same time, each conforming to patterns that occur in nature, such as the Phi ratio. The frequencies themselves are all within the human responsive range, which is a range of frequencies that occur in nature that are harmonious with biology. The multiple waveforms overlap in a way where they will never repeat in exactly the same way twice, with the same combination of frequencies at the same amplitude. This ensures that the body never develops a tolerance or resistance to the frequencies, so we will remain attuned to Blushield for as long as the device is plugged in or turned on.

            Which EMF Protection Strategy is Right for You?

            To wrap it all up and help you apply this to your unique life situation, how can you know which protection strategies will give you the most mileage and results?

            We recommend basing your EMF protection on a combination of reducing EMF exposure in reasonable ways, and the appropriate strength Blushield device(s) for your living situation and needs. The active, powered nature of Blushield makes it far more powerful than any passive device, and it also stands out among active devices on the market with its revolutionary scalar microprocessor and infinitely varied frequency output based on natural patterns that have been with us as humans since the beginning of our time here.

            If you want to add anything on top of that, go for it! We find that Blushield doesn’t seem to conflict with or negate other devices and approaches, and can be used in combination with most of them with no ill effect. In fact, if there are other frequency generators or devices being used, it will likely fill in the gaps or balance the body to anything that may not be in resonance or coherence with your body.

            You can use Blushield with shielding materials, which will protect you from the scalar component of the harmful EMFs that travels through the shielding materials.

            You can use Blushield with grounding/earthing sheets and mats, where Blushield could protect your body if the grounding influence is causing ambient EMFs to “ground” through you, which could potentially increase your EMF exposure.

            You can use Blushield with stones and pyramids, and passive devices that emit subtle healing substances and frequencies into your environment. In this case, Blushield could be seen as your basic EMF protection, and any passive devices that actually work may add some energetic perks on top of that.

            You can use Blushield along with PEMF and microcurrent healing devices, where it can negate any stress that may be caused by repetitive transverse frequencies these devices can emit, while still allowing your body to benefit from the targeted healing influence of these therapeutic style devices.

            To find out which stationary home device and portable Blushield devices would be the best choice for your living situation and needs, please read our Blushield Product Guide. We have several models of home devices and portables, each designed for different situations and exposure levels.

            We are always here to help you out if you need any more specific guidance, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

            Passive vs. Active EMF Protection (2024)
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