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  • SmartFind Express. Page Navigation. SmartFind Express · eSchool Solutions SmartFind Express The Cumberland County Schools' SmartFind Express link has changed.

  • The Cumberland County Schools’ SmartFind Express link has changed. If you have bookmarked this site, please update your bookmark when you visit the new SmartFind Express website.

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  • Challenge eSchool Solutions required a streamlined solution for K-12 teachers to create online interactive resources for students. Solution We provided a ...

  • Challenge eSchool Solutions required a streamlined solution for K-12 teachers to create online interactive resources for students.  Solution We provided a tailored design and development process with an easy-to-use template set. Results This enabled teachers to rapidly and with no training design and develop interactive courseware for their students.

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Mcallen Eschool Solutions (2024)


How do I log into SmartFind Express? ›

  2. SIGN IN. Open browser (Google Chrome only) and access the SmartFindExpress Sign In page. Enter your Access ID and PIN. PIN REMINDER. ...
  3. COMPLETE! You MUST receive a Job Number for your absence to be recorded in the system and to receive a substitute.

How do I contact SmartFind Express? ›

SmartFind Express System phone number is (719)639-2005 OR (719)520-2484.

How do I reset my SmartFind Express password? ›

Please click the 'forgot password' link to verify your email and create a PASSWORD. If you do not have an email associated with your account, you will need to contact your Bookkeeper to fix.

How do I register for Smart Find? ›

  2. SmartFind Express: Automated phone system: 1.877.403.6647.
  3. Call the automated phone system Enter your access ID (last 7 of your phone number ex. your phone number is 260.555. ...
  4. You are now registered!
  5. Please keep in mind your PIN and password are separate.

What is my SmartFind access ID? ›

Your "Access ID" is your EIS/File Number, without leading zeroes. If you have not yet created a Password, you must enter your Access ID and PIN, click Submit and follow the on screen instructions to create a Password.

Is there a SmartFind Express app? ›

Description. This is the SmartFind Express Mobile App for substitutes.

How do I cancel a job on SmartFind Express? ›

Click Review Assignments. A list of your jobs will load. 2. If you choose to cancel an upcoming assignment, click the job number and then click Cancel Assignment.

What is PowerSchool SmartFind Express? ›

PowerSchool Unified Talent SmartFind Express software is a cloud-based software designed to streamline the substitute teacher management process for educational institutions.

How does SmartFind work? ›

SmartFind calls go out twice per day, beginning at 6:00 pm and at 6:00 am (on the morning when a substitute is required). Administrators receive immediate email notifications of all teacher leave requests.

How do I reset my eSchool password? ›

Now, the Forgot Password? Link on the login page will generate an email to your email address, allowing you to reset your own password by answering the security questions. ***Please remember: eSchool will lock you out after 3 attempts, so click Forgot Password? after your second attempt.

How do I change my PIN on Smartfind Express? ›

Yes. Access the system at (410) 427-3031 with the current access ID and PIN. Follow the prompts to change your PIN. The PIN, and password, can also be changed on the website.

How do I reset my e learning password? ›

To reset your password, enter either your username or your email address below and click Search. If your details are in the database, an email will be sent to your registered email address, with instructions on how to gain access.

How do I log into SubFinder? ›

Logging into SubFinder

SubFinder can be accessed from any computer that has an Internet connection. Simply enter your organization's SubFinder web address in your Internet browser address line, press Enter on the keyboard, and the SubFinder login screen will appear.

How to reset PIN SubCentral? ›

In order to use the SubCentral system, you will need to register with the system using your file number as your Access ID and PIN. You must change your PIN number as part of completing the registration process. You can register and change your PIN Number by calling 718-935-6740.

How does SmartFind Express work? ›

When you become eligible for a job, you will receive an IVR (Interactive voice response) call on your callback number from your school district. With text message job offers, you can opt to receive these job offers via text message notifications on your mobile number.

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