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46 Maine Coon kittens for sale in Bristol

The Maine Coon Cat, also known as Coon Cat, Maine Cat, Maine Shag, American Longhair, American Forest Cat, or Gentle giants, is renowned for its plush coat and sociable personality. Originating in the northeastern United States, this breed boasts a large size, making it one of the heftiest domestic cats. Maine Coons come in a variety of colors, including solid, tabby, and tortoise, with dense, weather-resistant fur to protect them from harsh climates. Besides their striking appearance, they are celebrated for their intelligence and easy-going nature, making them an ideal family pet. These social creatures require physical activity and mental stimulation for optimal health, with a strong hunting instinct that contributes to their playful, agile disposition. Known for their adaptability, Maine Coons thrive in various households.

Read our Maine Coon Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

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2216 hoursBoost*2 left* Stunning chunky pure maine coon kittens. £1,150Maine CoonAge: 14 weeks3 male / 3 female* two kittens remaining, 1 boy and 1 girl* Stunning chunky pure maine coon kittens. Available to leave for their new home on June 21st. Tica registered, fully vaccinated, micro chipped, health checkeDamian L.Hereford(34.1 miles away)23216 hoursBoostTica registered Maine coon kittens£1,400Maine CoonAge: 12 weeks5 femaleKittens had they first vaccination and ready for viewing this weekend. Beautiful girls and boy looking for new home. Our breeding cats are genetically tested (HCM, SMA,PKD genetic tests N/N) TICA reMaine coonsID verifiedBristol(2.7 miles away)14318 hoursBoostMaine coon pedigree kitten peaches left only £900Maine CoonAge: 8 weeks3 male / 2 femaleOnly peaches left Quality litter registered Maine Coon Kittens with 3 Male and 2 female available They are well handled. We own both mum and dad and available to be seen. The little ones are frienADRIAN W.Gloucester(32 miles away)1918 hoursBoost XL fluffy Maine coon kittens tica £1,150Maine CoonAge: 15 weeks1 male / 2 femalebeautiful maine coon kittens tica registered, 3 sold 2 left please look at our instagram page ( lupusoaks.cattery ) for updated pictures and previous customs kittens orange- boy - SOLD blue collarLupusOaksID verifiedTrowbridge(19.7 miles away)

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45 hoursMaine coon x Nala£100Maine CoonAge: 1 year1 femaleThis is Nala she's the most friendliest, loving adorable ball of fluff always following me around everywhere. I have recently rehomed her but I'm suffering so bad with being allergic didn't think I waSHANICE A.ID verifiedHungerford(46.4 miles away)2215 hoursMaine coon kittens GCCf pedigree £1,150Maine CoonAge: 8 weeks2 male / 2 femaleStunning pedigree Maine coon kittens looking for there forever homes 1 blue male 1 cream smoke male and 2 cream smoke females they will come fully registered with the gccf with both flea and worm and Louisa K.Bristol(4.8 miles away)27319 hoursBoostBeautiful blue babies£1,250Maine CoonAge: 6 weeks3 male / 4 femaleKewcoons are delighted to announce our latest litter of beauties. We have some stunning kittens looking for their purrrfect furever families. Mum and dad can be seen in photos and also when you visit as both are our family pets, mum is a beautiful tortie from hungarian lines with stellar ear tuffts and dad is a lovely big blue tabby with an enormous head and a very sweet KewCoonsID verified5Faringdon(45.6 miles away)221 hoursBoostRehoming my ex Queen £400Maine CoonAge: 2 years1 femaleAva is a very cuddly cat, she loves to cuddle up in bed. She has been an amazing mother to all her litters and gets along well with other catsAnna L FourCats ID verifiedCheltenham(37.1 miles away)2622 hoursBoostOne boy and two girls Maine Coon£900Maine CoonAge: 11 weeks1 male / 2 femaleThe kittens eat by themselves they are taught to use litter box. They are really playful with each other (good with other cats) and friendly with humans and soon as they get to know you. They love the attention. You are welcome to come and see them and also can see the mother and the father if you like! Call or text us at any time.👍DIMITRINA N.ID verifiedSwindon(35.3 miles away)Licensed Breeder923 hoursBoostSilver shaded cream smoke carrier male Maine Coon£1,600Maine CoonAge: 5 weeks1 male / 1 femaleHi there, welcome to TICA registered Maleficent cattery. We only breed high quality, healthy pure breed Maine coons. We don’t use any outside stud services and all our breeding cats are DNA tested and all clear of HCM, PKDef, SMA. We currently have 2 beautiful XL kittens 1 male and 1 female looking for their forever homes. Our kittens grow up in our busy family home. TheyMaleficent Maine CoonsID verified4.5Faringdon(47.4 miles away)Licensed BreederLicensed Breeder11 dayBoostActive registered Black smoke Maine coon female£1,500Maine CoonAge: 3 yearsBeautiful active Maine coon girl, double Russian bred previously had one litter of 5 and was a brilliant mum to all 5, she’s good with other cats, dogs and people, fully litter trained, selling through no fault of her own, I want to breed silver shaded Maine coons, Maleficent Maine CoonsID verified4.5Faringdon(47.4 miles away)Licensed Breeder121 dayBoostmain coon kittens available £750Maine CoonAge: 7 weeks4 male / 2 femaleIntroducing our gorgeous litter of 6 kittens , 2 male blue available 1 male black smoke available 1 male black available Ready to leave 21st June They’re extremely playful litter trained and brought up around children. They are all eating solid food and have had first vet check and been wormed and de fleas . No expense has been spared raising these kittens and will bDonna H.Wells(16.8 miles away)171 dayBoostOnly the girl left XL Line Stunning Maine Coon£1,500Maine CoonAge: 4 months3 male / 1 femaleWe have 4 lovely kittens looking for new homes. 🤍 White Collar Boy - Reshomed 💙 Blue Collar Boy - Rehomed 💛 Yellow Collar Boy - Rehomed 💗 Pink Collar Girl - Available Both parents registered which can be used as a proof of their origin and pure breed. However, the kittens will not be issued TICA certificates. Parents are XL cats both East European imports TICA aLovelyCoonsID verified5Bristol(6.1 miles away)41 dayBoostReady Now Stunning Maine Coon Girl.£1,350Maine CoonAge: 6 months1 maleBoth parents registered which can be used as a proof of their origin and pure breed. However, the girl will not be issued TICA certificates. Both parents are from Eastern Europe, registered in TICA and PUH (completely unrelated - from different countries and breeders, so 0 inbreeding) 💓Microchipped and health checked twice by our trusted vet to give you and your kitten thLovelyCoonsID verified5Bristol(6.1 miles away)61 dayMixed Maine Coon£250Maine CoonAge: 13 weeks1 male / 5 femaleThe mother is a pedigree Maine Coon and we think the kittens father is a Blue Russian. Kittens have been vaccinated, chipped, flee’d and wormed. *2 out of 6 are left. They are both females and do likeLUCAS M.ID verifiedYeovil(37.3 miles away)153 daysStunning mainecoons, playful and loving£650Maine CoonAge: 8 weeks2 male / 1 femaleWe have 3 remaining beautiful playful kittens left looking for there forever homes, mum and dad are family pets and are very much loved and spoilt. Mum do have papers unfortunately dad doesn't dad is SEANNE J.ID verifiedCardiff(25.9 miles away)Licensed Breeder323 daysTICA Maine Coon active/pet girl £950Maine CoonAge: 5 monthsHigh silver tortoiseshell female kitten available now . Ragdoll and hypoallergenic Siberian kittens also available, please check my other ad We are in Hampshire We are flexible with collection datesHampshire MunchkinsID verifiedFordingbridge(49.5 miles away)Licensed BreederLicensed Breeder93 daysAmazing Mainecoon male£950Maine CoonAge: 3 months1 maleAmazing pedigree Mainecoon male for sale he is 16 weeks old and fully registered. He will be sold as pet only and will need to be Neutered. He is cream and Apricot in colour and super friendly. LoJulie-anneID verifiedCheltenham(36.8 miles away)Licensed Breeder144 days3 stunning black smoke purebred mainecoon kittens£800Maine CoonAge: 7 weeks3 femaleAbsolutely gorgeous 3 black smoke girls remaining from a litter of 5 purebred mainecoons. HCM,PKDef,SMA clear. Mum and dad are both family pets. Dad is registered with gccf as active and mum is registNina A.ID verifiedNewport(20.6 miles away)86 daysMaine coon kittens £750Maine CoonAge: 9 weeks4 male / 4 femaleGentle giants. Beautiful babies from two mothers. Purebred Maine Coons. Two lines. Mother is a giant, blood of a heavyweight champion. Second, mother is a standard. Father is a heavyweight. Babies witVIKTORIIA I.ID verifiedPontypool(24.5 miles away)

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Maine Coon kittens for sale in Bristol | Pets4Homes (2024)


How much is the average Maine Coon kitten? ›

Adoption from a shelter is cheaper but few shelters have many purebred cats available. The cost of a Maine Coon kitten from a reputable breeder will be higher; the average price range of purchasing from a purebred Maine Coon breeder with a cattery could be anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000.

Should I get 2 Maine Coon kittens? ›

Cats are social creatures. There are many benefit to having two Maine Coons. Not only will you enjoy them, they will enjoy each other and learn from each other. They will play, explore, and cuddle with each other.

How big is a full grown Maine Coon? ›

Males are generally 15-25lbs, and females are usually smaller at 10-15lbs. The height of male cats is on average 10-16 inches and are about 40 inches long. Females can stand at about 8-14 inches tall and be the same length as the male (these averages vary greatly).

Is it worth getting a Maine Coon? ›

Although Maine Coon cats usually don't make good lap cats, they're sociable and have affectionate and relaxed personalities. Their easy-going nature makes the Maine Coon cat a great pet for families with children or other pets.

Are Maine Coons high maintenance? ›

A clever, athletic cat who loves - in fact craves - human company, the Maine Coon is rather high maintenance as they need plenty of enrichment in the form of games with their owner that simulate hunting, plus opportunities to climb, jump and survey their territory from a variety of different heights and vantage points.

Do Maine Coons shed a lot? ›

A Maine Coon's general shedding pattern is heavily disrupted in an indoor setting. Some kitties shed throughout the year, while others not at all! Experts say a healthy Maine Coon living indoors would experience low-grade shedding throughout the year, like every other house cat.

What is the downside of the Maine Coon cat? ›

As Maine Coons can be more prone to heart conditions than other breeds, so it's always best to have regular vet checkups to stay on top of any health issues. Maine Coons take a while to warm up to their new home, and can be skittish around new people.

Do Maine Coon cats pick one person? ›

You could describe a Maine Coon as a highly extroverted cat that enjoys people, including visitors. This long haired cat will not exclude any member of the family and will develop bonds with all. However, it will also tend to choose a specific person as its favorite.

What two breeds make a Maine Coon? ›

Some suggest that these cats were brought into existence when six Turkish Angora cats reached Maine aboard the ship of Marie Antoinette, who was attempting to flee France during the Revolution. Once on land, these Angora cats went on to breed with local short-haired cats and created the Maine Coon of today.

Do Maine Coon cats talk a lot? ›

Maine Coon's like to talk

They are so vocal that often owners refer to their frequent noises as talking. Whilst Maine Coon's are capable of meowing, they often prefer to make other sounds such as such as chirps, trills and yowling.

Are Maine Coons cuddly? ›

They like to cuddle and often prefer to be in close proximity. Additionally, they may nap beside you, seek warmth at your feet, or simply keep you company. Thus, Maine Coons have a strong desire to be near their humans, making them undeniably affectionate companions.

How long will a Maine Coon live? ›

Being such a large cat, it is often wondered, “How long do Maine Coon cats live?” On average, Maine Coons will live around 9-15 years, but this number can be affected by many factors. A cat's life expectancy can be altered by their overall health and living conditions.

What illnesses are Maine Coon cats prone to? ›

Common Health Issues

They include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia and spinal muscular atrophy. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most common form of heart disease in cats, and it has been diagnosed in Maine Coons. It causes enlargement (hypertrophy) of the heart muscle.

Can Maine Coon cats be indoor cats? ›

Due to the Maine Coons fairly laid back personality, they can be kept as either indoor or outdoor cats. Many Maine Coon owners prefer to keep them indoors however, as they are a very coveted breed and they have been known to get stolen when left to go outside alone.

Why is a Maine Coon so expensive? ›

Maine Coon cats come with a significant price tag, influenced by factors such as pedigree, breeder reputation, and demand. Initial costs include the purchase price, which can vary widely, as well as initial veterinary care, spaying or neutering, and necessary supplies.

Are Maine Coons good pets? ›

The Maine Coon's temperament is bright and adaptable. They take a while to warm up to humans, but once they do their extroverted nature shows itself. The Maine Coon is generally an excellent companion and a reliable family pet.

What is the most expensive cat? ›

Ashera Cat | >$125,000

The Ashera cat is considered the most expensive cat breed in the world, with prices reaching up to $100,000 or more. This is due to its rarity and the fact that it is a hybrid breed, created by breeding an African serval, an Asian leopard cat, and a domestic house cat.

Is it hard to keep a Maine Coon? ›

Maine Coons are impressive in size, but not necessarily more demanding in maintenance needs. Despite being one of the largest domestic breeds of cats, it does not take much effort to keep a Maine Coon happy and you will find these impressive felines are relatively easy to care for.

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