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In Celebration of a life well lived: We remember Lyn Rose, who punched her transfer ticket from this life to the next on June 21, 2024, at the age of 75. She peacefully entered the gates of heaven after injuries sustained from a fall. It was sudden and unexpected.

She leaves a long legacy of love and encouragement. Lyn is survived by her husband of 55 years and best friend, Ron Rose, her daughters Julie Hinshaw and Joy Rose, and her cherished grandchildren Grant, Garrett, Halle Grace, Tyler, and Zoey. She is reunited in heaven with her parents, her best friend, Ila, and her granddaughter Madeline and hundreds of friends she laughed with.

Lyn was born on November 18, 1948 to Roy and Ola Mae Prince. She attended Harding University and Abilene Christian University, then as an adult she earned her Masters in English from University of California at Fullerton. In August of 1964, she married Ron Rose, the love of her life.

Ron and Lyn’s many adventures included ministry, service, travel, raising two daughters, investing in deep friendships, growing through grief, and embracing abundant joy.

Lyn was a cookie maker…speed typist (100 words/min on a Selectric) and a creative listener.

While living in Southern California she became a potter with her own wheel and Kiln. She spent countless hours shaping clay into cups and bowls and and colorful plates, Lyn had a way with people, too. She made everyone feel like they belonged, and never missed an opportunity to encourage the discouraged. She truly brought out the best in people, even strangers.

Lyn was a prolific reader—3 novels a week, and a gifted writer with 3 published books. She started as an English professor, became an editor, and then a published author. More importantly, she embraced opportunities to uplift others with her words, whether it was a hand-written card, a text, or a Facebook comment, or a presentation. These are gifts that continue to inspire others.

Lyn was an early servant leader, who didn’t like red tape. In Lubbock she adopted widows one at a time, in North Richland Hills, she gathered older ladies into a team of mentors for young mothers. It was called Young Mothers Enrichment. There she became a legend.

She invited neighbors to Bible study groups, served on mission trips, and embraced any opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.She was women’s minister before we knew what to call it.

Then, After serving three years as administrative assistant and senior editor for Lynn Anderson in Dallas, she launched 20 years as a flight attendant extraordinaire, with American Airlines, she left her passengers and co-workers better than she found them, whether they needed a laugh or a hug or a prayer, she gave freely.

She gave monthly to her favorite ministry, Made in the Streets, and for years she served regularly at Taste, a local pay-what-you-can restaurant, where she served the homeless with dignity.

Lyn was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. Her husband, Ron, was her best friend and true partner. They could often be found traveling the world, sailing with friends, eating at Enchilada Olé, flying to Chicago for lunch, having dinner with friends, praising God at church, or hanging with their Purple Feet club.

Lyn raised her daughters to love Jesus, treat others with love, practice forgiveness, read books, lay by the pool, plant flowers, always wear lipstick, and maintain lifelong friendships. She adored her grandchildren.

She and Ron conducted annual 4 day Cousin Camp, for the grands. She cheered on her grandchildren in their various activities, sewed blankets and dresses, baked cookies and brownies, sent college care packages, and texted them often just to encourage them or check in. She was so proud of each of them!

Lyn leaves a legacy of faith, service, encouragement, and zest for life. Remembering her abundant energy and ability to make everything more fun will make all who knew her smile. Her family will strive to follow her example to leave others better than they found them, forgive freely, prioritize service, go on adventures, and treat everyone with dignity—like Jesus.

Her family knows she has only changed address, she is now sitting at God’s banquet table, waiting for us all.

A celebration of Lyn’s life will be held at The Hills Church in North Richland Hills on July 9th at 2pm. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to The Taste Project or Made in the Streets in Lyn’s honor.

Lyn Rose - Wade Family Funeral Home (2024)
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