Deals and destinations for recreational vehicles (2024)

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Utahns buy all kinds of things on KSL Classifieds, from the practical to the exotic, but what they buy more than almost anything else are recreational vehicles. Unsurprisingly, with so much wilderness and natural beauty to be explored in Utah, the people of this great state aren't content to just sit at home and watch it on the nature channel.

From ATVs to motorcycles, KSL Classifieds' rec vehicles section is busier than a trailhead on a Saturday. With so many people buying, we thought it would be a good idea to get new riders and explorers started on the right foot by getting the inside scoop on the best spots from the folks at So instead of riding that new dirt bike around the block all day or taking an RV trip to the backyard, you can head to some of the state's most scenic destinations.

Looking for a new way to explore Utah's fields, deserts, mountains and other weirdly unique Utah scenery? If you want an exciting adventure that combines the epic views of hiking with the thrills of not hiking (and moving pretty fast while you're at it), adrenaline seekers and nature lovers alike will find a lot to love in the world of OHVs like ATVs, side-by-side utility-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes. You won't have to look too far to find them either. Whether shopping new or used, KSL Classifieds gives you your pick of almost 700 ATVs, over 1,700 UTVs and nearly 1,500 dirt bikes to help you rip through muddy mountain trails or sail over southern sand dunes. You can also shop KSL Classifieds for any extra essentials you might need. And while you're at it, consider upgrading a few other items to help with your new hobby — like a new washer/dryer, maybe a garden hose or two ...


Thanks to an abundance of public land, thousands of miles of rideable OHV trails and endless state parks, Utah is something of an off-road paradise. If you're looking to take your brand new (or used) OHV out for the long haul right away, the Paiute Trail is a 275-mile loop in central Utah that's an ideal multi-day adventure for beginners. Traveling through Fishlake National Forest, this trail offers both stunning views and moderate riding. Another great option for longer trips, the sprawling Arapeen Trail System delivers some of the best off-road views in Utah with its popular Skyline Drive section. (Pro tip: bring along some fishing gear). As your confidence rises and you start looking for new ways to play, be sure to check out some of the awesome dune riding available in Utah. Sand Hollow State Park, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park and Little Sahara Recreation Area are some of the best off-road parks in Utah. In addition to the sand dunes, desert dreamers will love the techy slick rock sections also available at Sand Hollow. If you want desert views with a little less white-knuckling, the easygoing Burr Trail offers views of both Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Capitol Reef National Park.

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Working from home was the first step — the second step is putting that home on wheels. (Step three: houseboat.) After a unique 2020, more and more people are intrigued by the idea of getting back to nature while maintaining some of the comforts of home, and KSL Classifieds has all the motorhomes and travel trailers (over 5,000 to be precise) to help you live and work even more remotely than before.

If you're looking for all the amenities with just the smallest side of "roughing it," motorhomes are the apartments on wheels that you've been dreaming of. Getting one of these do-it-all haulers has the benefit of not relying on RV hookups as you explore Utah's scenic spots; however, if you want to save a little money and put your fancy pickup truck to good use, travel trailers are a great option as well. Bumper pulls and 5th wheels are two of the most popular styles and offer many of the same comforts as a motor home in a towable (and most importantly, detachable) package. Pop-ups feel a little more like traditional camping and are usually cheaper and easier to tow. Meanwhile, adventure lovers who can't go anywhere with just one vehicle should search for toy haulers, which often have both a living area and a space for OHVs and other outdoor toys.


The most obvious trip for your new home-away-from-home is a tour of Utah's Mighty Five national parks, but remember — just because it's the most obvious doesn't mean it's not the right call. Bryce Canyon, Zion, Capitol Reef, Arches and Canyonlands all have plenty of places to park your palace, whether in the national parks themselves, in nearby RV parks or on surrounding BLM land. Some RV parks and resorts, like Temple View Resort in St. George and Knotty Pine Resort on the Provo River, have the scenery and luxury amenities to be considered destinations of their own and should warrant serious rest day consideration. Other destinations, like Pleasant Creek RV Resort in the La Sal Mountains and Wahweap RV Park in Lake Powell are located smack-dab in the middle of some of the most recreation-friendly areas in the state and are a great home base while you play on the water or in the woods.

There's nothing like a scenic ride in Utah — the wind in your face, the stunning landscape unfolding before you, the great deal you got on your motorcycle replaying over and over in your mind ... pure bliss. With over 2,000 new and used bikes for sale on KSL Classifieds, you're bound to find the ride of your dreams, no matter what those dreams are. Fantasizing about a lonesome desert highway with '70s rock playing in the background? Got that covered. Zipping along to a fast-paced techno beat? Right here. Fighting crime as a millionaire vigilante with an Oscar-nominated score blaring behind you? Weirdly enough, yes. KSL Classifieds has got a ride for any adventure or budget, and all the necessary motorcycle parts you need to keep your hog a haulin'.

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When you find the perfect ride and get that engine revving it's finally time to answer the call of the open road. The good news is that in Utah you can pretty much answer any open road's call — they're all game for a nice, long conversation. If you're still looking for that epic desert ride — screeching guitar solo and all — southern Utah's Highway 12 is sure to satisfy as it weaves its way from one national park (Bryce Canyon) to another (Capitol Reef) by way of towering canyons, sprawling desert vistas and winding mountain roads. Got the itch for more mountains? Mirror Lake Highway offers the chance to surround yourself with fresh pine and witness the breathtaking high-elevation panoramas of the unique Uinta mountain range. Close by (but in a different world entirely) is the Flaming Gorge-Uintas National Scenic Byway which showcases both geologic wonders and jaw-dropping views of the reservoir below. Don't like those suggestions? Get lost!

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What are the two best days in a boat owner's life? The day you buy a boat on KSL Classifieds and the day you first take it out on one of Utah's beautiful waterways. (That's the expression, right?) While some might not consider boats to be recreational vehicles, insurance companies and homeowner associations usually do, and short of the United Federation of Planets those are the two most powerful bodies in the universe. Boats are also a top seller on KSL Classifieds, with over 550 listings ranging from flashy wake boats to well-loved fishing boats and everything in between. Whether you're searching for personal watercraft to play around on or a yacht to play host to your album-release party, it's all on KSL Classifieds. You can also find other boating essentials like wetsuits, life vests and replacement parts so you'll have everything you need to enjoy a day on the water.


Once you snag your very own aquatic adventure vessel and give it a great name (The K S.S. L seems appropriate) it won't be long until you're out exploring Utah's beautiful waterways. Seriously, it really won't be long, because there are natural lakes and scenic reservoirs everywhere to be found across this state. Up north you've got Bear Lake, a beautiful boating destination that probably has just as many bonus activities as it does miles of explorable water (109). Meanwhile, desert dwellers can beat the heat by venturing to Lake Powell, the world-famous watersports paradise that boasts plenty of great canyon exploring and all the high-speed fun you could want (Hint: wakeboards, waterskis and towables are available on KSL Classifieds too). Those who are closer to the Salt Lake Valley can venture up to the ever-popular Jordanelle Reservoir to get their thrills or wander off to one of the endless numbers of boating destinations across the state.

Deals and destinations for recreational vehicles (2024)
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