8 Best Animesuge Alternatives to Watch Anime Online (2024)

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English subtitles are a standard feature that lets non-Japanese lovers enjoy films that has not yet been officially released outside of Japan. Among so many streaming sites, one of the most popular websites is Animesuge. It offers lots of anime with English subs or dubs for anime fans. In this post, we will lead you to know about Animesuge and introduce 8 best alternatives to watch anime online.


  1. What is Animesuge?
  2. Is Animesuge Down? 8 Best Animesuge Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

Part 1: What is Animesuge?

Animesuge is a popular website that can provide a huge library of anime films for all fans to watch for free. This website can also offer many anime series or movies covering various genres such as action, comedy, suspense, love and so on, which can ensure that every anime lover can find something to enjoy.

One of the most important aspects of animesuge is its user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy to browse through a number of anime shows or films. Its home page usually shows the latest episodes, so you can keep up with your favorite shows. Besides, you can also browse the films according to different criteria, which helps you discover new works.

Animesuge is also famous for providing high quality movies and fast load times. Most shows and movies come in different resolutions, and if your Internet is good, you can watch them in high quality. In addition, this platform also gives subtitled and dubbed versions of anime to meet the preferences of different lovers. And the site does not require registration, which means that we can visit the films without creating an account, which is very convenient.

Part 2: Is Animesuge Safe & Legal for You to Stream?

Some of the questions that often come up are, for example, is animesuge safe or is animesuge legal? This website has many benefits, but its security has been questioned by many people, because the important concern when visiting a site like Animesuge is the network security. Many free websites have many ads and may even be malicious. These advertisem*nts may lead us to install some malware, which can reveal our personal information and affect the security of our devices. If you use some anti-virus software, you may be provided with the protection, but these measures are not foolproof.

About the legal side, the situation becomes more complicated. The websites like animesuge often run in a gray area of copyright law, where they may provide you with movies without authorization. This kind of behavior can get you into a lot of trouble, such as you may face fines or lawsuits, of course this is depending on your local law.

Another big problem is the privacy and data security. Many free animation websites may not comply with data protection regulations, so that your personal information can be very dangerous. So our browsing habits and the data breaches are really worrying. If you use a VPN, it can give you security, but it can not completely eliminate risk.

For those fans who are looking for a safer and better alternative, CleverGet All-in-One is a good solution. This tool lets you download videos from many official platforms, including popular streaming services. By downloading films directly, you avoid risks with streaming on dubious sites. In addition, it can ensure that the content you download is of high quality and free of malware. And it also addresses legal issues by encouraging you to download legal movies from legitimate sources. This approach both supports creators and respects copyright law, helping to provide a good environment for the anime.

  • 8 Best Animesuge Alternatives to Watch Anime Online (2)
  • CleverGet All-In-One

    – Enable users to download online videos/live streams from 1000+ sites easily at high speed.
    – Download 8K video and 320 kbps audio without quality loss.
    – Download TV series episodes of all/certain seasons at once.
    – Save downloaded online videos to MP4/MKV/WEBM format.

Part 3: Is Animesuge Down? 8 Best Animesuge Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

About the animesuge down, it doesn’t shut down, but sometimes it may crash or change its domain name, and you need to take some time to find it. Below are 8 animesuge alternatives that have some help for anime meters:

1. Crunchyroll

This site is known to many people because it offers a large number of different types of cartoons. And many movies are available in 1080p format with professional subtitles, making your viewing experience very pleasant. In addition, many new episodes will be available to you soon after they air in Japan. And it has engaging community features like forums and comments, so you can share your feelings with other fans in addition to watching.

Its free version includes ads that may make your viewing less good. And because of regional licensing, not all content is shown globally. It’s important that you become a premium member if you want to watch some of the latest episodes.

2. Funimation

This site has a strong library of dubbed animations, which is one of the ideal choices if you like English audio. Of course, in addition to providing you with dubbed versions, this site also provides subtitled animations. It also has a nice feature that gives you a dubbed version of the original anime shortly after it AIRS.

However, the selection of subtitled animations on this site is not as extensive as dubbed animations, and if you are looking for more subtitled animations, it may not be too satisfying. What’s more, they have announced that it will shut down this April.

3. Netflix

This site not only has a lot of high-quality videos, but also a variety of resolutions for you to choose from. It includes popular and exclusive anime titles, and even some original Netflix titles that can’t be found on other sites. What’s good for everyone is that it works on almost all devices and saves you a lot of trouble.

Compared with those platforms that specialize in broadcasting anime, this website has relatively limited options. And it sometimes doesn’t get the latest episodes that are airing in time, which annoys some anime fans. In addition, anime catalogs in different regions may vary greatly, which is something that needs to be improved.

4. Hulu

If you like the classic or the latest variety of cartoons, then this website can satisfy you. It provides dubbed and subtitled versions of many anime, making many anime fans happy. And because it’s capable of high definition anime, it’s a very reliable streaming site that can be one of your choices.

If you want more features, you have to pay for a subscription, and while its anime library is rich in content, it’s not as focused as other specialized anime platforms. If you don’t subscribe, you may be interrupted by advertisem*nts.


It offers a lot of unique cartoons, as well as a simulcast feature that allows us to watch the animation shortly after it AIRS. And some uncensored content may not be available elsewhere. In addition, its subscription is relatively economical.

It contains less content than other more famous animation sites. And the site’s limited visibility may affect your ability to engage with its community and social features, making your interactions with other fans less enjoyable.

6. Amazon Prime Video

It can offer a lot of popular and classic anime, and its high-quality films are one of its advantages. In addition to movies, you can enjoy many other benefits, it is well worth your use.

Its animation is not as complete or extensive as that of specialized animation sites. And the platform is not specialized in anime, so it may be difficult for you to discover new works in a timely manner.

7. AnimePlanet

In addition to giving us a huge amount of anime to watch for free, it is also very supportive of providing us with legitimate services by working with industry supporters. And it would recommend some good anime to you according to your habits or preferences.

If you don’t subscribe to this platform, the video’s quality may be a little bad. And its latest episodes are limited, so if you would like to see the latest films or shows in time, it might not suit you well.

8. 9Anime

The site has a large number of anime titles for free, most of which are in high definition, and can give you the options with subtitles and dubbing. And you don’t need to register to watch, saving a lot of time.

This site can offer you a wide variety of videos, so if you only like to watch anime, then it may not be completely for you. And the site sometimes has glitches that make certain viewers unhappy.

The End
While the above are some alternatives worth paying attention to, keep in mind that the anime industry benefits greatly when you choose to watch anime through legal channels. Because the official website helps people create new animation works, supports the animation industry, and ensures that the content we love has a bright future.

8 Best Animesuge Alternatives to Watch Anime Online (2024)


What other websites are like AnimeSuge? ›

Top 6 Competitors & Alternatives to animesuge.to

The closest competitor to animesuge.to are 9animetv.to, anix.to and 4anime.gg. To understand more about animesuge.to and its competitors, sign up for a free account to explore Semrush's Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer tools.

What is the best free anime website? ›

Where can I watch anime for free? The leading free anime online portals to check are GoGoAnime, 9Anime, ConTV, Anime-Planet, KissAnime, etc.

Is 9anime an alternative? ›

The closest competitor to 9anime.to are v0. dev, aniwatchtv.to and imdb.com.

What replaced Aniwatch to? ›

The top one on our list is HiAnime. Since it is a rebrand of Aniwatch.to, you will find the same elegant and intuitive interface here as well. HiAnime is basically Aniwatch but with a new name. HiAnime has a sleek design, a large library of high-quality movies and series, and an almost ad-free experience.

What does OVA mean in anime? ›

Original video animation (Japanese: オリジナル・ビデオ・アニメーション, Hepburn: orijinaru bideo animēshon), abbreviated as OVA and sometimes as OAV (original animation video), are Japanese animated films and series made specially for release in home video formats without prior showings on television or in theaters, though the first ...

What are some pirated anime websites? ›

As die-hard fans, we can vouch that these are the best torrent sites that you can rely on to start downloading your favorite anime.
  • 1337X. This torrent site has been around for quite a while and has a rich collection of titles. ...
  • 9Anime. ...
  • AnimeUltime. ...
  • AnimeTorrents. ...
  • AnimeTosho. ...
  • AniArena. ...
  • Bakabt.me. ...
  • HorribleSubs.
Mar 10, 2024

Is 9anime illegal in the USA? ›

The main downside of 9Anime is that its content isn't legal to stream on their site. Because the sites are so big, the owners of the series don't have to pay the rights holders of the videos. This means that the videos you watch on these sites are illegal and you can't be sure which ones are censored.

Is AnimeSuge banned? ›

Yes, AnimeSuge is safe and legit to watch anime online. The website has a large selection of anime shows and movies to choose from, and the quality of the videos is excellent. In addition, AnimeSuge offers subtitles in a variety of languages, so everyone can enjoy watching their favorite anime shows and movies.

What did 9anime change to? ›

9anime.to, one of the world's largest piracy sites, has suddenly rebranded to Aniwave.to. The unexpected change comes as a surprise to the streaming portal's millions of users. According to the operators, the switch is motivated by site-blocking efforts and DMCA issues, but could there be more to the story?

What is Aniwatch's new name? ›

World's Biggest Anime Piracy Site Has Officially Rebranded

The popular site "Aniwatch" has changed its domain name to "HiAnime" this week.

What is the alternative to Animeflix? ›

Top 5 Competitors & Alternatives to animeflix. live. The closest competitor to animeflix. live are adgstudios.co.za, animesuge.com and kaidoanime.

What can replace animixplay? ›

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  • kickassanime.ch. 27,131. 15,419. 2.53M. -20.55% 2.8. 57.7%
  • watchop.live. 60,102. 81,630. 1.01M. -66.08% 2.5. ...
  • kisskh.su. 51,655. Country Rank: Malaysia. 1,184. 1.21M. +67.36% ...
  • watchop.xyz. 28,814. Country Rank: India. 6,574. 2.36M. -1.28% ...
  • nyaa.land. 17,963. Country Rank: Japan. 3,233. 4M. -31.07%

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  • watchcartoononline.cc. 330,536. 137,803. 118.42K. -18.79% ...
  • wcoanimesub.tv. 26,905. 6,296. 2.56M. +94.76% ...
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  • wcoforever.tv. 8,715. 4,398. 8.52M. -11.74%

What is the alternative website for Animixplay? ›

Top 5 Competitors & Alternatives to animixplay.com.co
  • kickassanime.ch , with 2.53M visits, 31 authority score, 57.7% bounce rate.
  • watchop. live , with 1.01M visits, 17 authority score, 49.28% bounce rate.
  • kisskh.su , with 1.21M visits, 13 authority score, 55.01% bounce rate.
  • watchop.

Is there a site like KissAnime? ›

Yes, Crunchyroll is like KissAnime and makes one of the best alternatives for it. This streaming website is legal and safe to use, with over 25,000 Anime episodes. The reason it stands as number one on the list is because it gives you licensed content that stretches over 15,000 hours.

Is AnimeSuge down right now? ›

No, we are not detecting any problems with AnimeSuge right now. The last outage detected for AnimeSuge was on Thursday, June 13, 2024 with a duration of about 44 minutes. Want to advertise in this space?

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