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Over the several years that I’ve been writing about EMF radiation, I’ve recommended quite a few different products. From time to time, as new products have hit the market I’ve updated those recommendations. However, the market for EMF protection products is growing just as fast (or faster) than the number of people who are learning about this topic.

The enormous demand for products that can protect us from EMF radiation has tempted some unscrupulous people to introduce products to the market that absolutely do not work, will not protect you, and worse yet, will lull you into a false sense of security.

Now, I feel that it is my responsibility to give you my thoughts on these products. I personally own nearly 200 EMF protection and RF protection products, everything from anti-radiation boxers to cell phone cases to baby blankets to EMF meters, and just about anything else you can think of.

In fact, the picture at the top of this article features just a few of the products that I’ve tested recently.

Most of those products I’ve tested myself (if it was possible to test) and written about my experiences and thoughts here on EMF Academy.

Now, this post is not any sort of guarantee that these products work, or that they will protect you. I can’t make that guarantee, as I don’t own any of these brands or companies and things could change. Instead, this post is about the products, and types of products, that I believe in the most.

So, let’s start by talking briefly about what EMF protection products are. After that, we’ll dive into the list of what I think are the 13 best EMF protection products on the market. I’ll give you my thoughts on the products, talk about how they work, show you where the best place to buy them is, and link you to further reading.

What Are EMF Protection Products?

As the name suggests, these are products designed with the intent of protecting the user or wearer from EMF radiation. I’ve covered it in dozens of other posts, so I’m not going to try and convince you here that reducing your exposure to EMF radiation from things like WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, 5G, and other things is a good idea.

However, if you already understand, or take my word for it, that excess EMF radiation has adverse health effects, then reducing your exposure will help protect you and your loved ones. That is where EMF protection products come into play.

Now, these types of products are wide-ranging, which can make it a little bit tough to determine what is a good product and what isn’t. For example, I recently wrote an enormous guide to anti-radiation stickers. These stickers, typically placed on your cell-phone, are supposed to protect you from EMF radiation.

In my opinion, and the opinion of many experts, this is all but impossible. Worse yet, there is no way for me to test these products even if they did work because they don’t “block” EMF radiation in the traditional sense.

There are many more products that sort of fall into this category, including EMF protection pendants, bracelets, desk pyramids, and many others. Now, I’m not saying that there is no way that none of these products work, I’m just saying that it is nearly impossible for me to know since I can’t test them myself.

So, this article will instead focus on products that I have the most confidence about.

13 EMF Protection Products That Actually Work

Few quick disclaimers: 1. I can’t guarantee that these products work, I just have a personal belief in them and feel that they are great products. 2. I am not a doctor, and nothing in this article or on this website should be considered medical advice (see our medical disclaimer here). 3. Although many of the links in this article are affiliate links, which help support my work, I never promise promotion or advertisem*nt, and I never let affiliate relationships affect which products I endorse.

Here are 13 EMF protection products that I really believe in. These are not in any sort of order.

1. EMF Meter

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Read my full guide on EMF meters.

No list of EMF protection products would be complete without talking about EMF meters, which is easily the product I recommend most often.

Now, although an EMF meter doesn’t “protect you” from EMF radiation in the traditional sense, no single tool will do more to reduce your exposure.

A quality EMF meter, like my favorite the Trifield TF2, will allow you to measure the radiation in your home, at your office, or anywhere else. You can find out how much RF radiation is being emitted from your WiFi router for example. You can measure the amount of RF it’s emitting right next to it, and in various rooms around your house.

A good EMF meter, like the Trifield by Alphalabs, will measure all three types of EMF radiation: magnetic field, electric field, and radiofrequency. That way, you can measure EMF radiation from anything, and not just from wireless devices.

So, let’s walk through a few examples of why this is so important, and how you can use your EMF meter to find out what EMF protection products you might actually need.

First, let’s say you have a smart meter on your home, but you’re not sure how much radiation that is actually exposing you to. You can swap your EMF meter to RF radiation, and then go out and measure how much RF radiation it’s emitting. You can then go inside your home, on the opposite wall, and measure how much radiation is making it inside the home.

Now, let’s say you end up buying a smart meter guard (that we’ll talk about below) to reduce the amount of radiation making it into your home.

You can now use your EMF meter to compare the readings before the smart meter guard, and after, to confirm that it actually reduced your exposure.

Let’s say you read in one of my articles that it isn’t so great to sleep next to your cell-phone. Well, you could simply place your EMF meter on the pillow where you sleep and get a reading with your cell-phone on the nightstand, and without it.

So, whether your buying products to reduce your exposure, or just using simple tips, you’ll need an EMF meter to actually know if the EMF protection products your buying are making a difference!

2. EMF Protection Cell Phone Case

Check out my favorite case from Defendershield.
Read my full article on EMF protection cell phone cases.

No list of EMF protection products would be complete without talking about EMF protection cell phone cases.

Here is how most of these cases work, including the one I use from Defendershield. If you look at the picture, you’ll see that it is a wallet case, meaning that it has a front flap that closes. This front flap is the only part that actually blocks EMF or RF radiation.

So, the idea is that you answer or make a phone call, then you close the case so that the front flap is between you and the phone while you’re talking.

This does two things: 1. It protects your head from a large part of the radiation. 2. Having the protection on only one side of the phone allows it to still maintain a full connection to cell-phone towers. If there was blocking material on all sides of the phone, it would not be able to operate, and would likely emit more radiation as it would have to work harder to maintain a connection.

These wallet/flap style cases are by far the most common, and for good reason, they make sense. However, there are a few other types on the market, but I have mixed feelings about how well they work.

For example, the Alara case by Brink Cases (formerly Pong) doesn’t work the traditional way. I actually wrote a full review of their products a while back.

The way that this case is supposed to work, is that the case itself houses a copper antenna. That copper antenna boosts the signal on the back of the phone, which in theory would reduce the radiation coming from the front of the phone.

In my own tests with my EMF meters, I didn’t find that it made much of a difference. So, in my opinion, I would stick to the flap style cases from reputable companies like Defendershield, Safesleeve, RF Safe and others.

I personally use this case from Defendershield.

3. Airtube Headphones

See my favorite pair here.
Read my full guide.

Airtube headphones are one of my absolute favorite EMF protection products, and I recommend them all the time.

Here is the basic idea. Normal headphones, whether they are wired or wireless (wireless is obviously worse) emit magnetic and electric field radiation via the earpieces. Since the earpiece has the electronic components and the speaker inside (and sometimes more technology, such as the case for Airpods), it will naturally emit radiation.

That radiation can cause biological harm. The worst part though is the extremely close proximity to the brain. We know that EMF radiation, like all forms of radiation, falls off exponentially with distance according to the inverse square law of physics.

So, having headphones or earpods inside your ear expose you to the maximum amount of radiation. Airtube headphones were designed to solve this issue. The way they work, that you can see in the picture, is that the speaker is actually about 9-12 inches away from the earpiece, connected via an actual tube of air. So, the speakers actually hang down away from your brain and send the sound through the tube.

This allows for fairly good sound quality while protecting the brain.

A great use for these is talking on the phone. If you don’t have an EMF protection case for your cell-phone, you can use a pair of air tube headphones to talk on the phone and remain almost completely protected.

There are quite a few great products on the market already, with more entering the space all the time.

Bonus: Aires Tech Products

Check out Aires Tech Products Here.
I had to throw this in because I just honestly don’t believe a list of EMF protection products that work would be complete without talking about the Lifetune products from Aires Tech.

They have a line of EMF protection products that I truly believe in and use myself. I won’t go into a ton of detail in this article because I’ve already written a full review of the Aires Tech products, but I will briefly talk about why they deserve to be on this list.

If you click the picture to the right, you’ll be able to watch a video demonstration of their products working in real-time.

If you decide to purchase anything, be sure to use the code EMF25 and you should receive 25% off your entire purchase.

Independently Tested

First of all, Aires Tech utilizes independent laboratories to test their products and technology and report the results. They test both the safety and effectiveness of these products, which is something that many companies do not bother (or cannot afford) to do.

You can view the results of these tests yourself via the “Technology” menu tab on theAires Tech website.

Scientifically Proven & Peer-Reviewed

Additionally, Aires Tech also engages the scientific community to have their research peer-reviewed and proven. In fact, American Aires is now globally recognized for its research and technology and has been thoroughly vetted by the scientific community.


This is another thing that you won’t see in cheaper products, rewarded patents. In fact, Aires Tech’s research and development has resulted in 11 current patents with another 14 currently pending. This shows the continued efforts of Aires to not only develop these propriety technologies but also protect that research.

Much More

In addition to their 8 peer-reviewed studies, 5 publications in scientific journals, 19 different clinical and scientific trials, dozens of patents, and 5 computer modeling calculations, Aires is continuing to advance the field of EMF protection and research through their state of the art research and development centers, staff of Ph.D.’s and researchers, and significant funding.

All of this to say, that Aires Tech is more than a couple of steps ahead of most of the companies in the space, and is continuing to make huge strides forward in the creation of products that help protect you from EMF radiation, including 5g.

If you check out the Aires Tech homepage you’ll see a fantastic video that shows a clear demonstration of their products working in real-time.

If you decide to purchase anything, be sure to use the code EMF25 and you should receive 25% off your entire purchase.

4. Smart Meter Shields

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Smart meters are a large source of EMF radiation in many homes. If you don’t know, here is what a smart meter is in simple terms. When I was a kid, we had analog meters on our home that measured how much electricity and gas we were using. Once a month a nice man in a truck would hop our back fence and write down those numbers so they could bill us.

As technology has evolved, they no longer have to do this. Instead, small computers embedded in the utility meters wirelessly transmit usage data back to a central hub. This not only gives them real-time readings of how much gas, electricity, or water we’re using but also gives them data about how we’re using it.

This saves the utility company tons of money because they no longer have to employ people to read the meters. However, these so-called “smart meters” have been quite controversial for a few reasons. 1. Many people are concerned about privacy issues since the meters can read more specific data about how we’re using electricity. 2. When they transmit data, they do so via radio waves, which exposes us to large bursts of EMF radiation.

So, many people are trying to opt-out of these smart-meters, but depending on the state and country you live in, this may not be an option.

When it isn’t an option, you can use a device called a smart meter shield to protect your home from most of this radiation.

A smart meter shield is essentially a small Faraday cage, designed to fit over these smart meters, blocks around 98% of the radiation the meter emits, while still allowing it to send data to the utility companies.

You simply slip the product over the meter, tighten the bolt, and you should be protected from the majority of the radiation.

Here is a quick video showing how this works:

From my own testing and the testing of others, I know that these work quite well, and are extremely easy to use.

One common question you’ll see from other people is if these covers protect the inside of the house from the radiation. The utility box behind the smart meter is actually made of solid, grounded, metal, which itself will block the RF radiation. The smart meter cover or guard will protect the radiation emitted from the glass portion that houses the transmission antenna.

5. WiFi Router Guard

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This product works sort of like the smart meter shield I talk about above. Essentially it’s a small metal Faraday cage that blocks the majority of the RF radiation emitted by your WiFi router, without completely blocking the signal.

So, WiFi in homes is one of the largest exposures people have to EMF radiation, and it’s the reason that I’ve covered this issue in so many articles.

Unlike magnetic and electric field radiation, radiofrequency radiation from things like cell-towers and WiFi routers is intended to travel far distances. That means a single router in a home is exposing you to a significant amount of EMF radiation 24 hours a day, which is why at a minimum I suggest turning your router off at night.

That is where WiFi router guards come into play, and why they are one of the best EMF protection products on the market.

You simply place your home or office router inside the cage, close it, and you’re done. You’re now protected from a large part of the radiation, and you only lose a small amount of range, which is fine since many routers are more powerful then you need.

If you want to see this reduction in action, check out this short video from the maker of the WiFi router guard.

As you can see from that quick video, the WiFi router guard reduced the radiation emitted by around 90%, and it is extremely simple to use. They make them in two sizes so they will fit just about any size router.

6. EMF Protection Blankets

See my favorite blanket here.
Read my full guide to Anti-radiation blankets.

EMF Protection, or Anti-radiation, blankets are an amazing product that in my opinion don’t get nearly enough credit.

When you think of EMF protection products, you probably mostly think about the things I’ve talked about above like cell-phone cases or air tube headphones, however, I think these blankets are an incredible product.

How they work is simple. They look just like a simple blanket, but between the layers of soft material is a shielding fabric. This fabric is almost always made of a silver mesh. This silver mesh has tiny holes that are smaller than the shortest wavelength of EMF radiation, so it can’t pass through, allowing the material to virtually block all of the radiation.

The silver mesh also has other benefits, mostly that it’s anti-microbial, doesn’t hold stains or smells, and can usually be washed. This makes the blanket easy to care for. My favorite blanket from Defendershield, for example, is actually made of 100% organic bamboo cloth that is both hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

These blankets can be used for all sorts of EMF protection, however here are two really common ways you’ll see them marketed towards:

  1. Maternity – EMF protection blankets are ideal for pregnancy. When my wife was pregnant, especially later in her pregnancy, she was often tired, and just wanted to be relaxing. That relaxation often involved scrolling through her cell-phone, tablet, or watching TV. We know that children, especially children in the womb, are potentially more vulnerable to the dangers of EMF radiation. So, placing an anti-radiation blanket over the belly while you’re using electronics protects baby from that radiation while keeping mom warm and cozy.
  2. Baby – After the baby is born, and once he’s reached an age where having a blanket in the crib is safe and appropriate, these blankets can double as a baby blanket. That way they have more protection from things like WiFi, baby monitors, and other electronics.

Those are just two examples. These blankets can be used just about anytime you want to protect your body from a source of EMF radiation. I even sometimes use our blanket when I have to be on my laptop to protect myself.

8. Laptop Shields and Cases

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See my favorite products here.
Read my full guide.

Speaking of using laptops, there is plenty of research suggesting that using a laptop on your lap or stomach can be dangerous, and potentially have long-term biological effects.

That is where an EMF protection product like a laptop shield or case can come in handy.

These usually are designed quite simply. It’s basically a hard sheet, that contains some sort of EMF blocking material inside. The outside is usually rubber or leather or plastic. You set the shield on your desk, or lap, or anywhere else, and then place your laptop on top.

That way, when you’re working on your laptop, any radiation that would be emitted directly into your lap, will instead be blocked.

Now, these do not protect you from any radiation emitted from the computer towards the rest of your body, so it’s important to maintain a good amount of distance to reduce your exposure. However, as you can imagine, having a laptop directly on your lap can expose your reproductive organs to large amounts of radiation. These shields also usually protect from heat, as we know laptops can get quite hot when operating at full capacity, potentially burning your legs.

You can buy these products as simple shields, but I often suggest that you just buy a laptop case that doubles as both. A case like this one from Defendershield, will both hold your laptop, and work as a laptop shield. When you’re carrying your laptop in your backpack or briefcase, just be sure that you place the shielded side towards your body to protect yourself from the small amount of radiation emitted while the laptop isn’t in use.

9. EMF Protection Clothing

13 EMF Protection Products That Actually Work - EMF Academy (9)

Read my full guide here.

This is a topic that I could (and have) dedicate an entire article to because there are so many EMF protection clothing products on the market. Some, like beanies, boxers, or bras are quite popular, and others like t-shirts haven’t quite caught on.

So, let’s talk a little bit about how these products work, why they sometimes make sense, and then we’ll talk about some of my favorite products.

So, the way these products work is similar to the blankets we talked about above. Embedded in the clothing will be something that blocks (or highly attenuates) EMF radiation. This usually comes in the form of a metallic mesh.

For example, a beanie like this one for babies is lined with silver fiber that the company claims blocks up to 99% of radiation. The idea behind this product is that it can protect the wearer’s brain from radiation exposure.

That is essentially how all EMF protection clothing works. You wear it too protect a certain part of your body from radiation.

Another example, that is quickly growing in popularity, is EMF protection boxers. These make sense because they protect a man’s reproductive organs from exposure to EMF radiation. I’ve written about this before, but many studies suggest that exposure to EMF radiation from things like your cell-phone can affect the health of your sperm.

So, a pair of EMF protection boxers like my favorite pair from Lambs aims to protect the man from exactly that, and hopefully protect his long-term fertility.

Now, since I’ve talked about all these products in other articles, I’ll just list some of my favorite EMF protection clothing products here.

EMF Protection Boxers – I’ve been liking and wearing this pair from lambs, mostly because they work, are comfortable, and the price is affordable. There are other great products out there from companies like SYB, SmartMeterCover and many more, but this one is my current suggestion.

EMF Protection Beanie – If you’re getting it for a baby, I would go with this one from SYB. If you’re getting a beanie for an adult, I’ve heard great things about this new one from Getlambs.com.

EMF Maternity Clothing – Belly Armor, a company that has been making EMF protection products for women for a long time makes, in my opinion, the best maternity EMF protection clothing. A great example would be this amazing belly band from Defendershield.

10. EMF Bed Canopy

13 EMF Protection Products That Actually Work - EMF Academy (10)

Check out the canopy I use.
Read my full guide.

This is an EMF protection product that is quickly growing in popularity and for good reason. As I’ve written about in other articles, EMF radiation can be extremely detrimental to our sleep.

A study was conducted at the University of Melbourne examining how EMF radiation affects our sleep. What they found is that EMF’s impede our bodies ability to produce melatonin, the hormone that regulates the quality and quantity of our sleep.

They found that the pineal gland, where melatonin is produced, interprets electromagnetic radiation as light. Thinking that it is still light outside or in the room, it produces less melatonin to help us stay awake.

Not only is the quality of our sleep diminished, but our bodies are also more vulnerable to the biological harm that can be caused by EMF radiation.

So, suffice it to say, trying to reduce the amount of EMF radiation in the bedroom is a really good idea and can do wonders for our health.

I recommend a few things in my articles, like turning off WiFi at night and not sleeping next to your cell-phone. However, it’s extremely difficult for us to completely rid our bedrooms of EMF radiation because of all the technology in our homes, as well as external sources such as smart meters, cell-towers, and neighbors WiFi.

That is where EMF protection bed canopies come in. Essentially these are faraday cages that hang over your entire bed, and they make them in various sizes. When the canopy is down, it will block virtually all EMF radiation from getting to you while you sleep.

I’ve had people tell me that they got the best sleep of their life after properly setting up an EMF blocking bed canopy.

Something you need to be careful of is that you never take any electronics inside of the canopy because the EMF radiation from the devices can bounce around inside the canopy and potentially be more harmful.

11. EMF Protection Paint

See my favorite EMF paint here.
Read my full review and guide.

Yep, you read that right, EMF protection paint. This stuff really works, and if you do it correctly, can be a fantastic way to protect yourself from EMF radiation.

Basically, it’s a paint that contains proprietary materials that after it’s painted on, will block most EMF radiation. In fact, the brand that I linked above, claims that a single coat will block up to 99.975% of radiation!

There are quite a few different ways that you can use paint like this, but here is a popular one. When I was talking about smart meter shields up above, I told you that for the most part, the electrical box should protect most of the radiation from making it into the home. Well, if you live in an apartment complex where there is a whole bank of meters, this might not be the case.

Or, let’s say you have a close neighbor, and his smart meter faces your home. You could try over to his house and install a smart meter guard, but this might not make him too happy.

So, what many people choose to do, is to use EMF protection paint on the interior side of a wall where they don’t want radiation coming through. The nice thing is, once it’s dried, you can just paint over it with whatever color you had before, and you’d never even know it was there.

This is also a great way to keep WiFi from a neighbor out of your bedroom, or to reduce the radiation coming from local cell towers (or soon, 5G cell towers)

12. Dirty Electricity Filters

13 EMF Protection Products That Actually Work - EMF Academy (11)

See my favorite filters here.
Read my full guide.

I have several posts on dirty electricity, so I don’t want to go too in-depth about what it is, where it comes from, or why it’s dangerous.

So, here is the summary version:

Your home likely is wired either for 60 hertz AC electricity, or 50 hertz if you live in Europe. When this wiring system was originally designed, this worked well because most appliances were designed to use exactly this amount and type of electricity.

However, as new electronics began hitting the market that required more, less, or varying amounts of electricity this system no longer worked well.

This resulted in what is referred to as high-frequency voltage transients. Essentially, it resulted in electricity that wasn’t usable, and that electricity just gets stuck in your electrical lines, spreading around and emitting EMF radiation into your home.

Things like dimmer switches, led light bulbs, and tons of modern electronics produce this dirty electricity, and it’s become one of the most common sources.

A few different companies, like Graham Stetzer and Greenwave, have developed filters that will clean up most of this electricity, which is why they are one of my top EMF protection products.

They are extremely simple to install, you just plug them in.

13. Faraday Bags

13 EMF Protection Products That Actually Work - EMF Academy (12)

See my favorite bag here.
Read my full guide to faraday bags.

These are a really versatile product, not just for EMF protection, but also for privacy. They work really simply, it’s just a bag, pouch, or backpack that when closed, completely blocks and EMF radiation from getting in or out.

So, one application could be placing your phone inside if you wanted to prevent radiation exposure. Or, let’s say you’re having a family game night and want everyone to stay off their phones, you can place them inside and they won’t have any service.

They make them large enough for tablets and laptops as well.

Alright, well there you have it, 13 EMF protection products that actually work!

Now let’s answer a few related questions.

Do EMF Protection Devices Work?

Absolutely, many EMF protection devices and products work exactly as intended. However, that isn’t the case with all of these products. Unfortunately, as more people become aware of the dangers of EMF radiation, more companies enter the market with solutions.

I believe many of these companies to be unscrupulous, and to make products that do not work. That is why I almost always test the products myself before I ever recommend them.

EMF Protection devices and products work by reducing the amount of EMF radiation someone are exposed to. This is usually done through physical means via a barrier of some sort. For example, an EMF protection blanket works by blocking radiation using a silver mesh. A router guard reduces RF emissions from a WiFi router using Faraday cage technology.

Some products, simply reduce your exposure by moving the source farther away. That is how Airtube headphones work. Using a speaker at the end of a tube of air, they allow the primary radiation source to be farther away from the head.

So, the bottom line is, yes, many EMF protection devices do work, and will reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. However, you need to do your research to make sure you’re getting a reputable product that you can trust.

Do I Need EMF Protection Products?

This is really a personal question. If you’ve read articles on EMF Academy or other reputable websites, then you know that EMF Radiation has been shown to cause biological harm, especially over a lifetime.

If that is a concern to you, then it would make sense for you to look into getting some protection.

That doesn’t mean you need to wear a tinfoil hat or lock yourself in your home. Many of the products on this list are fairly inexpensive and very unobtrusive to your life. So, I’d encourage you to pick the products that make the most sense to you and try them out for yourself.


13 EMF Protection Products That Actually Work - EMF Academy (2024)
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